Gap Year Providers - Accredited & Member

The following organizations are members of the Gap Year Association, either Accredited, unaccredited, or in-process. Accredited programs have been through a comprehensive evaluation of safety and pedogogy. For more information on what it means to be an Accredited Gap Year organization, please visit our GYA Standards web page.

Not all Gap Year Providers are created equally, so whether embarking on an Unaccredited, more independent path, or joining a vetted and Accredited Gap Year Program, we always encourage doing research using our Planning Guide, or looking into working with a Gap Year Consultant, to set you up for maximum success.

Adventures Cross Country

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation ARCC

ARCC Gap semester programs that focus on living locally, working, learning and exploring in some of the greatest classrooms on earth. Designed with an academic fabric that complements each and every location, ARCC Gap programs highlight regional issues that are directly linked to global challenges.

American University Gap Year Program

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation American University

American University’s Gap Program provides students with an experiential education experience in Washington, D.C., focusing on college credit, internships, and service learning. Semester or year-long programs available.

Amigos De Las Americas

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Amigos International

Semester and Yearlong Gap Year internships in Nicaragua. Focus on service-learning with local NGOs and independent projects. In-country training, workshops, excursions and final debriefing included. Rolling admissions with Fall, Spring, and Summer departures.

Carpe Diem Education

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Carpe Diem Education

3 & 8 month Gap Year programs in Central America, South America, India, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, East Africa, and the Native American Southwest focusing on community, cultural exchange, service-learning, and adventure. Fall and Spring departures.

Cross-Cultural Solutions

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Cross Cultural Solutions

3 month service-learning Gap Year programs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Students can visit multiple countries as part of their Gap Year through the Global Gap, Spanish Immersion, and Diversity of Africa Gap Year experiences. Customized start dates and durations also available year-round. Cross-Cultural Solutions is a non-profit organization that partners with sustainable community initiatives, bringing people together to work side-by-side while sharing perspectives and fostering cultural understanding.

Camps International

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Camps International

Service learning Gap programs in South America, South East Asia and East Africa. Programs run throughout the year and students can choose an experience from 2 to 3-months. Camps International are a Social Enterprise working to empower communities and deliver sustainable community, conversation and environment solutions through their network of permanent volunteer camps in Peru, Ecuador, Borneo, Cambodia, Tanzania and Kenya.

Global Citizen Year

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Global Citizen Year

10 month facilitated Gap Year program focused on International Development, apprenticeships, and language-learning. Applications close in May of each year to start in August.

Global Routes

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Global Routes

3 month immersive Gap semester programs in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Gap programs are based on Global Routes' Teaching Internship Program model. Since 1986, Global Routes programs have offered participants an opportunity to immerse themselves into a small rural community, develop long-lasting cross-cultural relationships, and make positive contributions that will last a lifetime. Fall and Spring options. Financial aid and scholarships available.

High Mountain Institute

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation HMI

Traveling through Patagonia and the American West, students embark on a journey that emphasizes developing outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental awareness. With options to choose a rock climbing or wilderness travel focus, students explore these rugged landscapes, investigate critical environmental issues, and gain experience as environmental stewards. Through living and traveling with a small group of peers and instructors, students focus on practicing leadership and the ability to work effectively in a team.

KIVU Gap Year

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Kivu Gap Year

Kivu Gap Year is an 8 month internship and home stay based Gap Year experience at domestic and international locations.

National Outdoor Leadership School

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation NOLS Gap Year

The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) is the leader in wilderness education. Whether through field-based courses or classroom-based courses, NOLS offers a focus on leadership and outdoors skills in some of the most awe-inspiring locations in the world. Emerge an active leader with lifelong skills.

Omprakash (EdGE)

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Omprakash

Omprakash Education through Global Engagement (EdGE): 2 - 12 month individual Gap Year programs connecting volunteers with opportunities in 40 countries around the globe. Ongoing departures. Includes comprehensive online training and mentorships.

Outward Bound

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Outward Bound

Featuring 3 month and shorter Gap Year courses. For over 50 years Outward Bound has been a premier provider of experiential and outdoor education programs for youth and adults. Outward Bound offers courses in some of the most spectacular and inspiring settings in the United States and in Central and South America, successfully preparing students to confront the challenges they face today with self-confidence, tenacity and compassion.

Pacific Discovery

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Pacific Discovery

Pacific Discovery offers semester and Gap Year programs abroad since 2001. Programs are overland journeys combining authentic immersion, meaningful service, and wilderness adventure - fostering empathy for other cultures, ethical and sustainable travel practices, and awareness of international issues. Students leave with a deepened sense of their identity, passion, and purpose. Programs are a 10 week journey with an optional 3-week independent extension to apply newly developed travel skills. Programs in New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, Cuba, Galapagos Islands, India, Nepal, Tibet, China. Fall, Spring, and Summer departures can be taken consecutively for an in-depth and transformative Gap Year experience. Scholarships and academic credit options available.

Ridge Mountain Academy

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Ridge Mountain Academy

RIDGE Mountain Academy has semester and yearlong programs designed for male and female student athletes ages 16 to 20 who have a passion for the mountains. Located in Whitefish, Montana, RIDGE is a campus-based academy that focuses on mountain sports, education, and life skills. RIDGE prepares student athletes of all abilities — beginner to elite — to strengthen their training, forge new skills, and discover their true potential.

Thinking Beyond Borders

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Thinking Beyond Borders

A variety of Gap Year programs, including the 2-semester Global Gap Year, South America Gap Semester, and Asia Gap Semester combining deep cultural immersion, fieldwork with experts, and engaging readings and discussions. Fall and Spring semester options.

The Leap

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation The Leap

Overland service and adventure programs departing every semester with shorter summer options. These programs include a mix of different project and adventure phases to keep students challenged and motivated travelling around a country as part of a Leap team of volunteers who join together from all over the world. The Leap hires local leaders to avoid the tourist trail while contributing to communities who are trying to improve the quality of their lives. As well, The Leap also offers career-focused internships in medical, law or business. All volunteers/families are appointed their own Leap gap advisor who will make sure they are fully briefed and prepared pre-departure and the families are kept up to date with their progress while they are away. Programs are available across Africa, Asia and South America.

Where There Be Dragons

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Where There Be Dragons

3 month Gap Year programs in China, Tibetan Himalayas, Southeast Asia, South America, West Africa, Indonesia, Central America, and the Middle East. Fall and Spring departures.

Winterline Global Skills Program

Gap Year Seal of Accreditation Winterline

Winterline Global Education offers skills-based gap year programs, as well as shorter programs that are offered throughout the year. Students learn a wide variety of skills as they travel to multiple countries around the world with mentors and a cohort of fellow students. Skills learned include wilderness survival, robotics, starting a business, SCUBA diving, horseback riding, digital-storytelling, mixology, and permaculture design.

Aardvark Israel

5 & 9 month Gap Year programs in Israel. Fall and Winter departures.

Art History Abroad

2 month Gap Year programs in Italy focused on art. August, November, and April.

Africa & Asia Venture (AV)

3-5 month Gap Year programs in Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, China, India, Nepal, Thailand, Ecuador, and Mexico. Departures depend on program.


Founded in 1947, CIEE offers gap year abroad programs in more than 15 global destinations. Programs can last from a single semester to a full academic year and focus on either language learning, service, or an internship. $100,000 in scholarships are available each year.

EF Gap Year

EF Gap Year help students become citizens of the world and prepare them for success in a global career. EF Gap offers students the ability to explore several countries in depth, learn a language, volunteer for a good cause, engage in meaningful cultural exchange, gain international work experience, and develop leadership skills. Programs are fully accredited so that students can place out of college-level classes and earn advance credit toward graduation. EF Gap students earn a portfolio of official certificates as proof of their global skills.


The 4-8 month InnerPathWorks Gap Year provides a holistic, guided and individually tailored exploration of self. The student experiences nature and urban settings in a specialized way that awaken awareness, wisdom and common sense. The student explores the unique workings of his/her mind and learns to shift the brain's personal learning protocol to a curiosity-inspired, solution seeking style (versus rote memory regurgitation). InnerPathWorks provides a blended focus of applied science and indigenous wisdom. The result is a clear sense of personal identity, passion and purpose that manifests in a positive impact on our planet.

Cape Eleuthera Island School Gap Year

9-week Gap Year program that runs three times a year on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. The program is focused on five main components: environmental education, adventure, research internship, travel and cultural immersion, personal and leadership development. The remote location and community living uses local issues to educate on both academic and life skills.

Gap Force

2+ month international Gap Year programs focusing on expeditions, service, working holidays, ski instructor training, or medical internships, in Central & South America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South Pacific. Ongoing departures.

Raleigh International

Raleigh International offer 7 and 10-week overseas volunteer programs in Malaysian Borneo, Nicaragua & Costa Rica, Nepal and Tanzania. Volunteers live in remote communities and work at the heart of environmental and community projects while also taking part in some adventure activities. Raleigh’s application to become an Accredited member of the Gap Year Association is in-process.

Oyster Worldwide

Programs between 8-52 weeks with a wide variety of options including animal welfare, teaching, or even skiing. Each student is assigned a dedicated program manager to support both paid and volunteer options around the world.

Quest Overseas

Quest Overseas is a Fair Trade Volunteering organization which runs team projects and expeditions to South America and Africa.


Living full-time aboard schooners and sailing through extraordinary destinations that span the globe, Sea|mester teaches accredited academics unconfined by the four walls of a traditional classroom.

Kroka Expeditions

Kroka is a wilderness expedition school for young people based on a year-round, organic farm in Marlow, New Hampshire. Consciousness and altruism are focal points that are taught through a living relationship with the natural world and by living within the circle of community. Kroka offers two semester-experiences, Ecuador in the fall, and Northern New England and Canada in the winter. Kroka journeys are based on extended wilderness travel, participation in local community life and an accredited academic curriculum.


TheGapNZ offers 8 to 9 week experiential education short-course and Gap programs throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Programs are available year round and offer personal and leadership development within the awesome New Zealand outdoors environment. Programs are a blend of unique adventurous experiences, service learning, a safe group experience whilst learning personal and interpersonal skills for life along the way.

National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education

From the Southern Himalayas to Patagonia, East Africa and the United States, the National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE) offers a values-based outdoor adventure and education program for teens and adults interested in personal growth and professional development. By teaching a core curriculum that emphasizes teamwork, environmental stewardship, and the acquisition of technical skills, they help people improve their self-confidence and interpersonal relationships.

Warriors Academy

Warriors Academy offers 4 quests of 7 weeks each, starting in February and ending in October. With a focus on experiential education and personal development short-courses, throughout South Africa, Mozambique, and Swaziland. Each Quest is a stand-alone program and participants can choose the combination that suits their individual agenda. Quests are a blend of flagship activities, and a wide range of supportive tasks, ensuring a dynamic and adventurous experience delivered by highly qualified facilitators.

Youth International

3 month experiential learning programs in Asia and South America, beginning in September and February. Youth International combines rugged international travel, inter-cultural exchange, home stays with local families, volunteer community service work, and outdoor adventure.

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